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Crude Oil Refining, Supply and Trading

Crude Oil is a naturally occurring, unrefined petroleum product consisting of hydrocarbons and other organic materials. Baili processes crude for our clients as well as downstream operations. BaiLi is both a supplier and refiner of crude oil.

We have longstanding relations with producers and refiners across the value chain. We receive and export crude globally and operate our own refinery in Nigeria, Uganda, Angola and Xinjiang

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Refined Products,
Chemicals Supply & Trading

Refined products underpin modern society, from fuels for vehicles to heating our homes. BaiLi produces gasoline, diesel, naphtha, liquefied gas, and tribenzene for consumers worldwide.

Mismatches in supply and demand generates the need to move these products inter-regionally and creating
trading opportunities around the world.

BaiLi seeks to balance supply and demand, while providing value for our customers. With offices worldwide and network of teams globally, we work with our customers to identify and develop solutions to address their needs.

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Shipping sits at the heart of the global energy trade – sending raw materials to where they can be refined/ processed and used, or transported to areas where there is demand. Crude oil and refined products make up the largest proportion of global freight on a tonne-mile basis.

BaiLi operates its own fleet of tankers, supported by its own chartering team to meet the needs of our operations and to serve our customers.

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Oil Storage & Terminals

BaiLi's networks of onshore storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines help receive crude oil, refined products and chemicals from ships and deliver it to end users at the right time.

They also store and blend refined products to create the required specifications for our customers.

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